MarketModel Advisors, LLC is the leading provider of proprietary research related to stock market indices, primarily the "fair value" of the SP500.  Clients of MarketModel include Hedge Funds, RIAs, Accredited Investors, and Regional Asset Managers.

MarketModel is founded by Mike Valletutti. Following the 1987 market crash he began developing methods for determining market valuation and trading strategies while studying statistics & probabilities, time series analysis, probability modeling, and statistical experiments at Georgia Tech.

“My passion was the stock market, having witnessed the ‘87 crash as a Sophomore at GT,” Michael comments, “Merging together the circumstances and opportunities following the crash and my early passion for the market, I came up with some economic and technical rules that performed well when applied to historical data. And then I worked for over 15 years testing and refining the model.”

"What's the market worth?" Probably the most asked question, with many different opinions.

Traditional Technical Analysis methods use price to determine price.  MarketModel uses macroeconomic inputs to help determine a value for the stock market. Long-only wealth managers are able to make finer portfolio adjustments to their equity allocations during periods of market under or over valuations.

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